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2009-10-23, 15:27
It seems to me that this unit is perfect for weather radar display. Isn't anyone coming up with an app for that? Here we've got a nice color display and it'd be great to see what's going on with the weather any hour of the day or night. Earlier text-only apps should not make use of this nice display.

2009-10-24, 00:41
Do you just mean weather conditions or a real weather radar ?
With the former I can help, just look at http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=68386 .

A weather radar is discussed in the thread as well, but an implementation failed due to license restriction on weather-radar displays on the web.

2009-10-24, 08:00
I'm new to this forum but I have seen the display you referenced. I am talking about live weather radar that updates often. I can appreciate licesning restrictions but it seems NEXRAD radar is available from a host of sites and there are plenty of vendors making use of it for my iPod Touch. Why would Squeezebox be any different? I would think the NWS radars, being governement, would be in the relm of public domain (though I surely don't know). It seems that everyone makes use of the NWS radar information and repackages it into their own product. The Weather Channel, for instance, doesn't operate their own radar system, nor Weather Underground, etc. They're using NWS data.
An app for DirecTV uses NWS radar data directly. That's the type of thing I'm talking about.
It seems to me that the Squeezebox Radio, with its nice color display, is perfect for an app like this.
As you state, I'm sure there are licensing problems I'm not aware of, but I don't understand why. Can you explain further?
The product you refered me to is fine as far as it goes. It produces current stats. But I want to SEE what's going on, in color, and we finally have a product capable of displaying it. Weather radar is a natural extension of what you're already doing.

2009-10-24, 08:08
Have a look at this site as an example of what I'm saying:

They're using NWS radar and giving you a way to post it on your own webpage.
Isn't this the right idea?

2009-10-24, 08:43
I followed your link and see that they use a weather data from
www.weather.gov / NWS.

After searching a bit in the usage conditions, I realize that this data is indeed public domain (http://www.weather.gov/disclaimer.php)

The information on government servers are in the public domain,
unless specifically annotated otherwise, and may be used freely by the public so
long as you do not 1) claim it is your own (e.g. by claiming copyright for
NWS information -- see below), 2) use it in a manner that implies an
endorsement or affiliation with NOAA/NWS, or 3) modify it in content
and then present it as official government material.

So now the only thing that prevents me from implementing it, is that
1) its only US-data and I'm living in europe :)
2) may next holiday where I had time is far away :(

But good to see, that there is freely available data, so maybe someone else steps in !