View Full Version : re: Giving up and sending it back

John Hunt
2004-07-11, 02:05
Oddly enough, after I sent the message, it ran perfectly for two or three
hours until I had to unplug the PC to take it back to the shop to get them
to replace a part they broke last time it was in (just the front panel LCD
temperature display so nothing that would affect the machine). I'd rebooted
my router and it seemed to work fine. I've left it running overnight playing
all the songs in the playlist and it seems fine so far, it's about 1/3 of
the way through and not grabbing more that 2-3% CPU.

I noticed sometimes after I reboot the router, Zonealarm detects a new
network and while SS was running, it hung the computer. Following on from an
email from tech support, I've been turning ZA off while using the slimserver
and it seemed to be fine, not sure if the reboot was what was missing and
these settings not being saved due to having to switch off. One other thing
I noticed was that I'd turned plugins back on between the working and not
working states and I'd saved one of the plugins incorrectly so that it was
an html file renamed as a .pm file. The server was complaining that it was
finding reserved words, so I turned off all the plugins, removed the duff
html and so far it's been great.

I'd just not had much sleep the night before sending me "it's going back
message" and the software crashing was just the last straw! My wife really
likes it and when its working, and I think it's fantastic, I'll persevere a
bit longer as I think the product concept is great and I'm sure the bug will
be sorted out if we all collate as much info as we can and send it to the
guys at Slim. Sorry for the earlier outburst - you just get these moments
from time to time and email is just too handy sometimes for venting
frustration! As for calling tech support, the 9 hour difference and
international phone calls make it a bit impractical but they have excellent
email support.

I changed the following out of interest:

Web interface: standard

Items per page: 100

Browser refresh: 30

Artwork: all blank except thumbnail size which is the default

Under performance: click wipe cache - leave well alone for 2-3 hours!

Look for artwork: do not look for art work

Build items per pass: 10

I've also turned off itunes and moodlogic support.

So far so good, no dropouts, no crashes and I left 4 DEC phones, 2 3g phones
and a 2G phone on 900MHz running with Bluetooth enabled and my TiVo also was
running with its 802.11b card and nothing seems to have affected the signal
so it definitely looks like it was a PC tweak which fixed it. Just wish I
knew exactly what!!