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Rob Funk
2004-07-10, 17:57
What exactly is a .asf file intended for, and what level of support does
SlimServer have for it?

I was trying to get AlienStream3 working (I'm on Linux), and in the process
I discovered that one of the Windows Media streams I like had changed URLs,
invalidating my old .asx file for it.

The new URL is a .asf file:
The oddest thing about it is that it points back to itself:

Having stuck that text into a "WWCD.asf" file in my playlists folder, I
noticed that the slim server showed it to me without going through
AlienStream. But when I hit play, the server got stuck in an infinite loop
reloading the same URL over and over.

I do like the fact that the server keeps following playlists that point to
more playlists until it gets something it can actually play (this
indirection reduces how often I need to update my radio links), but maybe
there could be a check that the URL it's going to isn't the same as where
it got what it's reading.

BTW, "mplayer http://mmslb.eonstreams.com/adsertion_cd101.asf" works fine.

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