View Full Version : Receiver as bridge problem

2009-10-22, 12:24
I've made this setup for my father:

1. Squeezebox receiver - without controler, I use ipod touch, and configure receiver with udap_shell script
2. Mini-itx PC with Windows XP and Squeezecenter (without keyboard and monitor)

My father has wifi with linksys Access Point.
I connected 1) with 2) using crossing ethernet cable.
I configured receiver with statcic IP ,bridging and wifi connection.
It works, I can control receiver wireless with ipod. The problem is when I turn off PC the receiver led is blue which is ok (no access to library) but when I turn it on again the led is white but I can't see my PC in network - strange.
It looks like receiver is not in bridge mode when ethernet is down and turn on again. Is it normal behavior?
I'm going to look at it closer at weekend but frankly speaking if it is normal behavior I'm going to use a usb wifi card with my PC instead of receiver (in bridging mode).