View Full Version : How are SBC FW updates handled in 7.4.1?

2009-10-22, 03:18
I remember that previously the SBC FW updates were downloaded by SC to /var/lib/squeezecenter/cache/updates and from what I understand, from there to the Controller.

Now, I have a version jive_7.4.1_r7860.bin file in that folder, but my Controller updated to r7915 (I had to initiate it manually, it didn't suggest to do it). The text file jive.version says r7915.

From the log it seems that SBS is trying to download the latest firmware with little success: (any idea of what's happening here?)

[09-10-22 03:03:34.5398] Slim::Utils::Firmware::downloadAsyncError (557) Warning: Firmware: Failed to download http://update.mysqueezebox.com/update/firmware/7.4.1/jive_7.4.1_r7915.bin.sha (Validation of firmware /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/updates/jive_7.4.1_r7915.bin failed, SHA1 checksum did not match), will try again in 20 minutes.

So it now seems that the firmware was downloaded directly to the Controller, is this correct?

The my Duet is only connected to my local server, so I don't see how it could have got the update from SN(whatever it's called nowadays, MySB?).


2009-10-24, 22:14
Nobody with the faintest of ideas?


BTW. We'll see how it goes with 7.4.2, as soon as there's a new firmware.


2009-10-25, 00:07
I think the SBC can get fw from msb.com in 7.4 under what circumstance i don't know.

it can be done manually:

settings > advanced > Diagnostics

Then scroll to the bottom and Chose "Software Update"
Now you have two choices your local server or msb.com

Note that:

settings > advanced > Software Update

Does not have these options .

This is probably so that folks using only msb.com can reload the software .
I use sometimes when I'm impatient and want the new fw now.

2009-11-03, 06:50
Thank you, Mnyb, but that didn't quite solve my issue.

There's still something strange going on.

1. My server is running the latest 7.5 nightly. At update.slimdevices.com there seems to be a new version r7998 for 7.5. My controller is currently running 7.5 r7965 which I had to install by SD card.

2. The file jive.version in /cache/updates mentions the latest version. There are no other files in that folder, such as the expected binary.

3. When the server starts downloading the .bin file (after a restart), it gets to a couple hundred Kb:s and then for some reason quits, deleting the .bin. ***WHY IS THIS?!***

3.1 Is there a log somewhere that shows the attempt to download firmware? That might get me somewhere..

4. The log file states the same
[09-11-03 14:56:34.7078] Slim::Utils::Firmware::downloadAsyncError (557) Warning: Firmware: Failed to download http://update.mysqueezebox.com/update/firmware/7.5.0/jive_7.5.0_r7998.bin.sha (Validation of firmware /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/updates/jive_7.5.0_r7998.bin failed, SHA1 checksum did not match), will try again in 10 minutes.

No big surprise the check fails, since there is no .bin file to compare against.

5. Trying manually update the Controller from within its menu, it suggests to install 7.4.1 r7915. Where does it get that from?

What is wrong, why won't my server download the update? Other than that, everything is great. As posted, I only listen to my local library.

Running on ClarkConnect 5 CE.

Help greatly appreciated. BTW this post looks so terrible, I'm surprised you've read this far! Nice of you! :)