View Full Version : SuSe /etc/rc.d/slimserver?

the Mad Mole
2004-07-09, 20:16
This is a newbie post, so if I give offense I will take the flames with
stoic composure :-). I am a brand new wireless squeezebox owner (5
hours and counting). My server is a SuSe 9.1 P4/1.66 in another room
connected to the net via a wireless bridge: I'm running slimserver
5.2.1. So far everything works flawlessly. However, I'd like to
configure slimserver as a service so it will start automatically when I
boot. However, it appears to deposit the init file in
/etc/rc.d/init.d/slimserver, and it's not complatible with SuSe (sources
a functions file from a non-existant spot).

Before I spend a lot of time hacking around this, I thought I'd ask
whether anyone is using SuSe and has already solved this problem.

Cheers & thanks in advance,

the Mad Mole