View Full Version : iTunes Art mix ups

2009-10-21, 22:16
a minor headach on an otherwise good product.

after importing all my iTunes play lists from my mac, I noticed the art work for mark knopfler's get lucky CD was swapped with The Lascivious Biddie's Get Lucky CD, no amount of rescan or even clear rescan seemed to work, in fact at one point it swapped the artists names ;)

I fixed that by renaming the CD's to "Get Lucky 1" and "Get Lucky 2"

thought all was fixed, but then noticed the artwork for eric clapton's "promises" went missing, gone, SquezeBox shows default missing art pic.

I decided the artwork was not that big of a deal and gave up, anyone have a clue on how to fix this?

2009-10-22, 11:14
Please try release 7.4.1. There were fixes for scanning iTunes libraries. This might solve your problem. Please reply back on whether it does.

If it doesn't, would it be possible for you to file a bug at bugs.slimdevices.com?


2009-10-22, 17:21
I loaded the 7.4.1 release last night before trying to fix the artwork and it didn't help.

I will file a bug report, thanks