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Phillip Kerman
2004-07-09, 22:23
Mine was in the left channel too... and if the sound is coming through the
SB headphone jack then I'd say it's definitely the SB's fault. I would test
that except I never plan to use that headphone jack.

If I get it again at the distance I've moved the SB then I'll probably
recant my opinion the issue is solved.


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> I also get interference every now and then too. It
> always is just the left speaker and it is a bunch of
> high pitched clicking noises in rapid succession. It
> doesn't happen all the time and I can't always repeat
> it. I would say it happens every 5 times I use
> Squeezebox.
> I use the wireless option and connect RCA cables. The
> squeezebox is about 3 feet from the amp which is a
> high-end Sony ES. The noise started again tonight so
> I unplugged the RCA jacks and plugged in the
> headphones direct to the squeezebox and got the noise
> in the head phones too.
> --- Phillip Kerman <lists (AT) phillipkerman (DOT) com> wrote:
> > I should add... I just moved it away from the
> > receiver and it's working fine
> > now!
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Phillip
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