View Full Version : Strange favorites behavior

2009-10-21, 15:15
Having started playing with the presets and favorites
ability with the Radio, I noticed something strange.

I have run into two cases where the album title appears
to get corrupted after a scan. Somewhere in the process of assigning
an album to a favorite and/or preset (and using it), the
title gets cleared in the DB (I assume).

For example, I have an album called "Time Warp". The
album name is unique (so bug 10259 doesn't apply),
and I can find it normally in a search.

After a while, I can no longer use search to find the
album. When I list albums, "Time Warp" shows up first
in the list by name (which it shouldn't, obviously).

When I add the album as a favorite, I get a favorite
added with a null title. Example:


v.s. one that works:


Clearing the DB and rescanning "fixes" the problem for that

Yet, clicking on the album shows the correct album title
in the web interface.

Anyone else seen this? Is this a known bug? If I find
a way to reproduce it, I will post more info.


2009-10-24, 20:05
Update, this is repeatable and appears to have nothing to do with favorites (only presets).

After a clear and rescan, the albums title are fine.

Then pressing a preset assigned to an album, it seems to zap the
title in the SBS database as noted earlier.

Note that I'm not sure if it is by pressing an already defined button,
pressing and holding it, or repeating the process a few times. However
when I do this, it seems to reliably zap the title after a while.

This seems like a bug, so I've opened one: