View Full Version : how do you get the album art to show correctly on the Duet?

2009-10-21, 13:13
I have three squeezeboxes. The orginal, the second on and the duet. Once I got the duet I thought "cool I can see the album cover where the song is from." But I have a problem: The album art is frequently incorrect. They start with the same letter but not the right one. For example I may be playing a AC/DC song from their album Back in Black and the album shown is Herb Alpert. Not cool.

Like most people I had a lot of songs from way back where I just stuck them in a folder with the file format being Barracuda - Heart. Where the song title came first and then the artist second. Then I migrated to Itunes with my ipod and imported all of these songs. Even if the album is correct under the Itunes Get Info it does not show the correct album art even after I've done the Get Album Art process in Itunes. When I try to get the art through this process on songs that I didn't get from Itunes or import from a CD Itunes says it can't do it. So much for trying to use Itunes to get the correct album art.

I'm stumped. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this for the Duet?

Thanks in advance.

2009-10-21, 18:46
I had a similar problem having migrated a music collection through various players and was frustrated sorting it out. I decided to risk $15 on this program. I turned out to have a very cool interface and made a good job of finding missing album art and allowing me to correct that which was wrong - a few hours well spent and both my controller and radio show album art that is much more relaible than ever before - though I still have some tinkering to do. I have found attaching the art within an MP3 tag gives by far the most reliable method with SB - and thatts how this program works - as well as allowing you to browse the art possibilities easily.

Give it a try perhaps?