View Full Version : Touch DAC ?

2009-10-21, 13:08
Do we know yet what DAC is in the Touch ?

Currently I'm using a SB3 via a coaxial feed into my Music Fidelity VDAC.

The DAC is then connected via analogue to my Arcam A85 amp.

If the internal DAC is better than the one in the SB3, would it be worth getting rid of the SB3 and VDAC ?

What are the other main advantages of the Touch, I know about connecting usb drives and sticks ?

In layman terms please, new to all this.

All my music is ripped from the CD in FLAC format and stored on my desktop PC.

I got to touch the Touch at the weekend Ripcaster were at the HI-FI show in Manchester - sexy unit.

Thanks in advance peeps.

PS Anyone replaced the power supply on the VDAC which resulted in big improvement ??

2009-10-21, 18:16

See: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/HardwareComparison