View Full Version : Album art disappeared

Evil Overlord
2009-10-21, 08:13
Just bought and installed Squeezebox Radio. Can't yet use for music library, because no updated ReadyNAS software available. I have, however, set up radio stations, plus Pandora and LastFM.

1. Yesterday (day 1), Pandora or Last (can't recall which) quit playing.
2. I checked the radio, pressed play, and music started up again.
3. However, the display was frozen on the last song/album art (playing when it froze).
4. Changing stations had no effect.
5. Hard power off (holding down power button) partially restored the display.
6. Now, menus are accessible, but there's no album art. Presets for Pandora and Last work, and music plays, but the display of "Now Playing" says "Nothing." Same is true even for regular radio stations, and for access to Pandora through its app.

How can I get the album art back?