View Full Version : Can Anyone Make This Work?

2009-10-20, 18:02
Hello people! I'm hoping someone has some time to spare and is willing to try to get this internet station to stream thru my SB.

This is the website: http://www.cadena100.es/

This is the stream: http://player.cadena100.es/

Thanks in advance.


2009-10-20, 18:45
This is the stream: http://player.cadena100.es/

No, that is not the stream. That's a link to a web page containing a Flash player. The stream would be, but you cannot play proprietary Flash streams through a Squeezebox.

Sorry to say that this won't work. Maybe you can ask them to make a normal Shoutcast / Icecast / MP3 stream available.

2009-10-20, 18:49
Thanks for the info Usch. Oh well...

2009-10-21, 02:42
Try using the Search function: SBS > Internet Radio > Search > "cadena"
There are about 24 results, hopefully one is what you are looking for. :)