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Julian Searle
2004-07-09, 10:11
Do you have any wireless A/V equipment attached as well. I get this on
my wireless A/V repeater I use to get my Sky+ box output downstairs into
the study. It coincided exactly to when there was wi-fi activity talking
to my squeezebox (e.g. seconds "ticking" for the clock) - The only thing
I seem to be able to do is to turn off wi-fi from my router when I'm
using the A/V repeater.


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> I never would have thought I was such an audiophile, but with
> one of my
> receivers I am definitely getting interference from the
> squeezebox. I can
> hear a scratchy tick every time the text scrolls a notch. I
> have to have
> the stereo volume set high and have little audio coming out
> the speakers.
> Anyway, as I'm not ready to upgrade my stereo I wonder if
> there are some
> basic shielding steps I can take. I'm using the RCA cables
> that came with
> the squeezebox. I have two receivers and squeezboxs and can
> confirm it's
> the receivers, not the squeezeboxs that vary. One receiver is fine.
> Thanks,
> Phillip