View Full Version : Cen't share on Facebook.

2009-10-20, 09:11
When I try to share anything on Facebook (local music or Pandora), I get:

200: Permissions error

I checked the mysqueezebox application permissions on Facebook, all three permissions are set under each of Publish Recent Activity, Access Streams and Offline Access.

I can see my wall, news feed, friends, etc.

Is there something else I need to open up?


2009-10-20, 15:36
I uninstalled and reinstalled the Facebook app and now I can post. When I look at the application permissions on Facebook, I see it has a whole bunch more than the first time I looked. So I guess I must have clicked the wrong button somewhere the first time I tried.


2010-02-25, 01:57
I am also getting some error that i havent approved the app in facebook but i cant seem to find anything in my facebook profile from Logitech.