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John Hunt
2004-07-09, 00:04
My pc was doing the same until someone suggested clearing the cache by
clicking on Wipe Cache under Squeezebox Home / Server Settings /
Performance. Don't know if it'll work for your problem but worth trying if
you haven't already. Try downloading the latest nightly build as well as
forcing an update by holding down the brightness button.


John M Hunt




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I've tried the advice in this message:


...but Slimserver always hangs as soon as I complete the circuit by selecting
the playlist file that tells Slimserver to listen to the shoutcast server.
It hands so badly that I can't bring up the task manager and eventually have
to press the reset button on the PC.

I'm using Windows XP Pro, Slimserver 5.2, Winamp 5 (I tried Winamp 2.9 as
well, the only other version I could try).

Has anyone else who's got this to work got any tips. I'm interested in
Realaudio (for the BBC) so I'm using the Tara plugin for Winamp rather than
the WMA one.

Winamp seems a bit unhappy, and sometimes doesn't produce any sound at all,
but I don't see that that's likely to be the main cause of the problem

If I can get it working I'm all set to write a plugin to select "listen
again" programs from the squeezebox, but there's no point in that yet.



Peter Heslin
2004-07-09, 13:25
On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 10:03:07AM -0700, Phillip Kerman wrote:
> I never would have thought I was such an audiophile, but with one of my
> receivers I am definitely getting interference from the squeezebox. I can
> hear a scratchy tick every time the text scrolls a notch. I have to have
> the stereo volume set high and have little audio coming out the speakers.

I have the same thing. When I first hooked up the squeezebox to the
amplifier, it made a really loud "tick" every second -- in time with
the changing clock display on the squeezebox when it's off. When it
was actually playing something, the racket made by the interference
was unbelievable.

The cables were a rat's nest, so I sorted them all out very carefully,
and that reduced the volume of the "tick" to a bearable level for me.
To hear it now, I have to turn the volume up on the amp with all
inputs quiet and put my ear up to a speaker. It's still there, and if
I were an audiophile, it would probably drive me crazy. Luckily, I'm
not :-).