View Full Version : Galaxy (Galaxie) gone?

2009-10-19, 06:19
I have always enjoyed the Canadian music service Galaxy. Within the last few days (7.4 upgrade??) the feeds from Radioio are longer active, and a search doesn't come up with the feeds either. Is this music service gone from the net? -- I assume it is still available on Bell ExpressVu.

Edit -- seems that the service is no longer available on the Sympatic0 website -- but Galaxy is looking at other providers the get back on the web!

2009-10-21, 04:38
Same problem here. I have Expressvu and the channels are still going on strong. To your point, the internet streamming seem to have stopped. That's too bad, I actually enjoyed their content and the sound quality. Now I have to go back to Radio IO with tons of commercials. ;)