View Full Version : SqueezeCenter/ALAC Encoded with XLD on OS X 10.6

2009-10-18, 20:27
I think I've stumbled onto a resolution of some Apple Lossless issues with SqueezeCenter and thought that I would share it here.
I am using a Mac for all of my encoding, then I load the tracks onto a Linux network share via iTunes.
I had 10,000 or so tracks encoded into Apple Lossless with XLD on OSX 10.5 Leopard, and they never gave me a problem under SC v7.3.x. I upgraded to Snow Leopard OSX 10.6, and encoded 200 or so more tracks into Apple Lossless. These tracks play just fine in iTunes. I didn't play these newly encoded tracks in SC, until recently, after upgrading to SC v7.4. The first tracks I tried to play with the new SC were the newly encoded files, and they did not play. I first thought that SC no longer supported Apple Lossless files, but then I realized that my older ALAC files played just fine.
I attempted to revert to SC v7.3.x, only to have the same results... the older ALAC files played fine, but the newer files would not play in SC (but did in iTunes).
I realized that my version of XLD was out of date, so I updated it, only to have the same results.

I finally decided to try something other than XLD (which pains me, as XLD has been great for me for quite a while), so I downloaded Max.
Although some of the tag information had to be redone, the new Max encoded files play just fine on the new SqueezeBox Server. The best part? The newer XLD files (that don't work on SqueezeCenter) can be run through Max (with the output set for Apple Lossless) and the resulting file works. It seems that Max cleans some garbage out of the XLD files, and they become playable again. That pleased me, as I don't have the original discs for some of the screwed up XLD files (and some of it is impossible to find online in a lossless format).

** UPDATE ** I received this from the dev of XLD a bit ago:
"Well, basically that is due to bad atom parsing routine in SqueezeBox. I can fix the problem, but I think it should be handled in SqueezeBox side."

That doesn't make much sense to me, seeing that doing the conversion in Max works just fine, but not XLD. You'd think that Apple Lossless files would be the same, regardless of what program creates them (there should be a common structure, right)? I guess I'll stick with using Max...