View Full Version : Is it possible to stream an arbitrary sound card to the squeezebox?

2009-10-18, 19:01
Squeezebox is great but of course it is unlikely that there will ever be a plug-in for every possible piece of music hardware and software out there. For example, I use Mixmeister to create my own mixes and a Torq Xponent MIDI DJ mixer/soundcard running the Torq software. I would like to stream these to the squeezebox. If I could simply stream the PC sound card, or even better, the sound card that is in the Torq Xponent (which just appears as a normal Windows soundcard) to the Squeezebox, this would be great. Is it possible?

(I suppose I could set up a shoutcast stream and then point the squeezebox to that, but this seems unnecessarily complicated!!)

2009-10-18, 19:50
SBS has wav input plugin for windows

2009-10-18, 21:02
but I can't get that plug in to work properly despite a fair amount of tinkering. when i listen to wavin:0 nothing happens -squeezebox won't play it

2009-10-18, 21:06
i don't use it so i can't help you, but hopefully someone who does in the forums can and posts.

2009-10-19, 00:59
but I can't get that plug in to work properly despite a fair amount of tinkering. when i listen to wavin:0 nothing happens -squeezebox won't play it

This may be a problem with the driver for your card.

Do your testing using the Windows Accessory Recorder - if you can get Recorder to work then it is usually possible to get WaveInput to work. Using Recorder is easier for testing as you will not have to stop/restart SC if you make conf changes.

Did you read the Wiki entry on trouble shooting ?

2009-10-19, 07:35
I read through the note but haven't tried the command line trouble shooting yet. I am using Squeezebox version 7.4 and had to modify the .xml file for the version number.... there is an error in the bottom left of Squeezebox (not every time I try to go to wavin:0) which says something like "Illegal argument when accessing wavin:0"...Anyway I will investigate a little more tonight.

2009-10-19, 07:50
If you are using the latest version of WaveInput 1.05 for Windows - there is no need to modify install.xml. Please use 1.05 and use automated install process.

If you are not using the latest version then there are 7.4 incompatibilities which comes to light under some config in 7.4 which may be causing problems. However first prove your driver can do audio capture using Recorder.

2009-10-19, 17:43
I think the best info I've seen involves the "stereo stream" from winders.

Most modern soundcards do NOT support this output (which is recordable from most software streams ..) This stream is largely unavailable for this particular reason.

So. You cannot record.


Of course, I could be wrong.

Happens all the time.