View Full Version : Router Upgrade Questions

2009-10-18, 12:48
I've got a junky old Linksys 11g router, looking to upgrade. Was hoping some of the more knowledgeable network gurus here could offer some tips. Some questions I have:

Is the official ratified 11n spec sufficiently different from the draft spec, such that we should expect a new wave of "official" 11n routers? And when this happens, will it just be marketing hype, or will the functionality and hardware actually be different?

The motivation for my upgrade is to improve range. Throughput is of secondary importance. (Squeezebox is my primary application of wireless, I'll need to buy a few dozen more players before I max out what 11g can handle.) I've not found much good info for routers with remarkable or standout range -- any suggestions on this front?

I expect whatever router I buy will be in use for the next several years, so I don't mind spending a little extra to get a quality product. Are there brands or models known for being especially high quality, professional grade, etc.? I like the idea of using DD-WRT on the Linksys routers, but am worried about the lack of external antennas.