View Full Version : 24/96 iTunes strategies

2009-10-18, 08:41
Looking for advice/experiences. Have had several SBs for years, all iTunes Mac ALC driven. In anticipation of the 24/96 output capability of the Touch (wasn't interested in Transporter), am plotting my hi rez strategy. Plan to use a couple into 24/96 capable DACs I have, but..

How are Mac/iTunes people handling 24/96 files via Squeezebox? Want to download some HDtracks stuff that's in FLAC.

- Do you convert from FLAC to ALC using something like dbpoweramp, then put this into iTunes? Will SC then stream this as 24/96 as it converts back to FLAC? Does iTunes even allow 24/96 out?

- FLAC aside, how are you working w/hirez files in this equip. scenario?

- Should I use a different media manager than iTunes? How much of a hassle is this to setup given a big iTunes/ALC library?

- Does anyone use Amarra?

- What are people doing out there for hirez on a Mac, using SBs?