View Full Version : Remember playback position

2009-10-18, 01:00

I have recently purchased Squeezebox Duet and I am running Squeezebox server 7.4.0 and using iTunes to feed the music. So, I have "use iTunes" activated on the server.

I am listening a lot to podcasts and have enjoyed that you can set the "Remember playback position" in iTunes.

However, it seems to be so that my SB doesn't remember the playback position. With this I mean that when I pause the podcast - play another song - and then continue - it will start from the beginning of the podcast again.

Is anybody using this feature? And with success?

BTW - small side note: Overall I am impressed by this product and this forum. If more consumer products would be developed with so close collaboration with the users - we probably would see very different products coming out! I have never seen Pioneer have this sort of contact with their users! Great stuff!