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Jim Clancy
2004-07-08, 13:43

I don't know about the Tara plugin, but I seem to have no trouble getting Slimserver to stream to my Winamp application from any computer on the home network.

I simply point it, as per the instructions, to: is the number of my server. Yours will be different, I imagine.

Of course, you've got to make sure the "player" is set for whatever computer you're using. This is where static addresses for computers on the network are really useful. If you're using DHCP, you might try to give your computer a static address (also be sure to enter that in the router, where required.)

Outside my home network, I can point a browser to a static address of my network. Slimserver will report the address as a new player, showing the IP in the pulldown box in the upper left corner. But perhaps due to my firewall and IP masquerading at the office, I find it doesn't work unless I change the player address to the gateway, like

It does work! There's something in your system that is perhaps preventing it, like a firewall on the computer where you're trying to play the music. The "lock up" tells me something else is going on...and perhaps a firewall is the answer.

Jim Clancy
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I've tried the advice in this message:


...but Slimserver always hangs as soon as I complete the circuit by selecting the playlist file that tells Slimserver to listen to the shoutcast server. It hands so badly that I can't bring up the task manager and eventually have to press the reset button on the PC.

I'm using Windows XP Pro, Slimserver 5.2, Winamp 5 (I tried Winamp 2.9 as well, the only other version I could try).

Has anyone else who's got this to work got any tips. I'm interested in Realaudio (for the BBC) so I'm using the Tara plugin for Winamp rather than the WMA one.

Winamp seems a bit unhappy, and sometimes doesn't produce any sound at all, but I don't see that that's likely to be the main cause of the problem

If I can get it working I'm all set to write a plugin to select "listen again" programs from the squeezebox, but there's no point in that yet.