View Full Version : Pandora / QuickMix / ThumbsDown

2009-10-17, 06:17
I'm noticing that on my Squeezebox, when listening to a QuickMix on Pandora, there is no way to say Thumbs Down to a song. I really really have to make one particular artist disappear forever from Pandora (all of pandora, not just quick mix), but I can't because I don't know when it's going to play that artist on any given station. Then, if it does play the artist, but the song ends before I can say thumbs down (which I can't from QuickMix, but if I was listening to the station that picked the artist), I can't go BACK and see what was previously played and then thumbs down it. Does that make sense? Sorry for the rambling.

I followed the FAQ on pandora for banning an artist, but the artist didn't show up on any of my station edit lists, it's being chosen by Pandora. I rarely listen on my PC to pandora, I listen on the SB, so it would be cool if there was a way from the Squeezebox to Thumbs Down an artist on a QuickMix.

Thanks in advance for any help!