View Full Version : Some odd issues SB3

2009-10-17, 01:30
Hi all.
I have a couple of problems here that I am struggling to work out.
1) It seems when my rescan runs it seems to initiate I-Tunes and then itunes crashes with an error. I am guessing it is something to do with the artwork scan. - Anyone seen this/know how to fix it?
2) If I right click the squeezebox server icon in the systray and choose "open control panel", a login box pops up but vanishes before I can put in a username and password.
I am using Version: 7.4.0 - r28672 on Windows XP
Any ideas anyone?
Stay happy,

2009-10-17, 02:05
Both these issues should be fixed in 7.4.1. Please give it a try

2009-10-17, 03:47
Thanks mherger, I'll give this a go.
Stay happy,