View Full Version : Possible to set a macros to numbered buttons?

2009-10-16, 02:41
Is it possible to create a macro and save it as a favourite to one of the numbered buttons?

What I want to be able to do is press one of the buttons and get the radio to play the Ocean sound effect with sleep set to 30 minutes automatically rather than having to trawl through all the menus to set it up every night

2009-10-16, 06:15
If you're using Squeezebox Server, you can do that with my KidsPlay plugin; I just published an updated version supporting Radio last night. See the URL below. If you connect directly to MySqueezebox.com, then I think you're out of luck for now. I hope to write an applet for KidsPlay to make it work on MySB but have no timeframe for that yet.

My SleepFade plugin also works with Radio if you want the sound to fade out over those ~30 minutes (same MySB limitation). :-)


2009-10-16, 07:53
Hmm looks good, but complex. Any tips on creating the macro to do what I want?

2009-10-16, 10:43
Hmm looks good, but complex. Any tips on creating the macro to do what I want?

The toughest part is finding the URL for what you want to play. Use the Web UI, navigate to My Apps > Sounds & Effects and click on the name of the effect you want. That's how I found the URL for Ocean Surf for this KidsPlay macro that will start playing Ocean Surf at volume 20, start the sleep timer, display a message telling you it's done so, and hopefully drop you into the Now Playing screensaver:

power 1; stop; playlist clear; mixer volume 20; playlist play "loop://www.mysqueezebox.com/static/sounds/natural/ocean_surf.mp3"; sleep 1800; display "Sleeping in 30 minutes"; button home; button now_playing

There's no Web or SqueezePlay/Radio interface for the SleepFade settings, but you could add a couple more commands to the macro to make sure SleepFade is set the way you'd like it. Edit: SleepFade now has a web UI for settings, so it is usable with all Squeezebox players.

2009-10-18, 10:30
I've just tried this Kidsplay plugin - amazing!
Imagination is the only limit now on what these preset buttons can do i think...
Thanks a lot for providing this plugin.