View Full Version : Also seeing occasional dropouts get STMu - underrun withsqueezebox

Paul Walker
2004-07-07, 17:59

Much like a few people have reported, I am getting a very occasional stutter
when playing back flac. Most of the time it recovers, but worst case I have
to press "play" again to start. I have this with 5.2 and with both firmware
27 and 29. I also had it with a CVS version before 5.2 and firmwares 21 and
23. My server is a linux 2.8ghz celeron with plenty of ram etc... The load
is low (0.1) when the stutters happen.

I turned on --d_source and --d_info and see, when it stutters, that there is
an "Underrun while this mode: play". Looks like this is in the callback for
msg STMu in the protocol, but I don't quite know what that means.

I guess this means one of two things. Either my network is too slow. I'm
using the squeeze in wired mode with my own wireless bridge and streaming
uncompressed wav to it, or my conversion of flac -> wav is not fast enough.
But I really doubt the second since my slimp3 (which does flac -> wav -> mp3
on the same network) has no skips ever.

Like others, I'd be glad to do anything to help debug this. I'm doing an
emerge ethereal now (but have to do man ethereal after that, unless someone
wants to offer up a shortcut on what to do!)


- Paul