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2009-10-14, 21:43
I am using SqueezeNetwork and the Alarm-Timeout of my Radio is set to 60 minutes.

If an alarm is activated I can hear the stream only 10 minutes. Then the radio goes off.
When I press then one of the favorite-keys, I hear again the alarm-stream for 10 Minutes. Then the radio goes off again.

For me it seems, that the radio is still in alarm-mode, but that there is some kind of sleep-timer active....

Has someone an idea?

2009-10-15, 00:39
The snooze timer is usually set to 10 mins - try changing it and see if it affects the timeout.

If it does them it means something is making the radio think you pressed the snooze.

2009-10-15, 09:59
There are definitely some bugs regarding the alarm. E.g. when you press a preset button while the snooze/off selection is still visible, this leaves the Radio in a weird state where the main menu doesn't work.

Also this morning, instead of showing the alarm, the Radio showed some menu screen, played for a few seconds, then stopped, went to clock screensaver again and then finally showed the snooze/off selection. I left this menu with the "back" key, but still the Radio stopped playing after some minutes. Alarm timeout was set to 45 minutes and snooze time to 5 minutes. I'd say it stopped after about 10 minutes, besides the Radio started playing again when I turned the knob.

Looks like there's a lot to be fixed. Fortunately, I'm on vacation the next two weeks, so I don't really need the alarm function. And hopefully most of the alarm related bugs will be fixed with the next update end of October.

2009-10-16, 02:28

Letīs look what will happen....

2009-10-16, 09:02

Let us look what will happen....