View Full Version : Player in multi-player setup stops for no reason in 7.4 (possible sync issue?)

2009-10-14, 20:31
I had an odd thing happen, on several occasions, for the first time this past weekend.

I was playing a random dynamic playlist. Two SB3s synced. In the middle of a track, both players stop. VU meter goes to zero. This happened several times. On several occurrences, one player (I'll call it #2) started up again...not from the stopping point (I think) as I think SBS kept going.

Player #1 would respond to commands, insofar as I could access the various menus. But hitting Play, Pause, etc., wouldn't do a thing. The first time this happened, as I said, both players stopped, so I eventually shut everything down and started over again. The second time it happened, when Player #2 started playing again after a few seconds of silence, I unsynced the player, then resynced. Player #1 started playing again, in sync.

This happened several other times, and I was able to get Player #1 going again with a resync each time. After 3 or 4 of these little episodes in a pretty short span of time, there were no further recurrences.

I checked the server log, but nothing appeared amiss. I'm sure I need to run "debug" on one or more of the other logs, but not sure which ones I should check.

Any ideas on what may be causing this, or what diagnostics I should run?