View Full Version : MP3 server hardware

Scott Evans
2004-07-07, 09:38
Jack Coates <jack (AT) monkeynoodle (DOT) org> wrote:
> I'm sure they do, and I've seen them used to build some pretty cool
> stuff. But all that cool stuff was done with older clibs, 2.2 and
> 2.4 kernels, ash scripts, busybox, and other tricks to keep the
> hardware load down. This is a memory-hungry Perl app we're talking
> about here, not a svelte appliance :)

And that's exactly why I'm thinking about nixing my Slim and moving to
some kind of silent linux box in the stereo rack. Instead of trying to
power the slimserver, I would just keep using a bland old fileserver to
serve mp3's, and play 'em back with a lightweight PC hooked up to the

We always have a wi-fi laptop kicking around the house, so programming
Winamp/XMMS is convenient, and their user interface is *so* far ahead
of Slim's remote or web interface, that the extra 10' walk probably
wouldn't bother me at all.

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