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2009-10-13, 19:16
I've experienced this problem for about 3 weeks now - trying to connect to MySqueezeBox.com in China. To connect using the Boom, I have to start Squeeze Sever on a PC, connect the Boom, start playing a radio stream, which may or may not happen. About half the time, the Boom just hangs up with "connecting' on the display though the stream appears as playing on the PC/server web page. IF a station connects through the server, I can then almost always connect the Boom directly to MSB.com. These steps are necessary every time I unplug the Boom and/or we loose net access for a few minutes.

As for my SB3 - I've not been able to get past the "connecting" stage by either connecting to Squeeze Server or trying MSB.com directly for 3 weeks now. It just refuses to go beyond "connecting". I can play music files on my PC via Squeeze Server just fine over both the Boom and SB3.

I've tried a number of things [resets, power cycles, different versions of 7.4, etc] though I've not gone back to 7.3 yet. The cats at customer service have looked at this a couple of times and are stumped as well. Yes, it seems to coincide with the upgrade to 7.4 and the new MySqueezeBox.com network, but I can't find any direct link(s). And there are plenty of Great Fire Walls and other hinky stuff going on here that may be in the mix.

Anyone else with similar experiences and/or suggestions?

Thanks in advance...

2009-10-13, 19:37
..there are plenty of Great Fire Walls and other hinky stuff going on here that may be in the mix.

That would have been my guess.

To anyone less ignorant than I, would there not be an event log which could shed light on this?

2009-10-13, 19:41
I'm not swift enough to find anything amiss in the log, and the cus service fellows have not asked for a copy so far.

2009-10-20, 01:22
I'm out of ideas and still unable to get my SB3 past "connecting" on MySqueezeBox.com here in China. I've tried going back to SqServer 7.3, factory resets, firmware updates and reversions, just can't get it going. My SB Boom continues to connect to MSB.com - though once or twice a week I have to "reset" the connection, meaning I get the same hang up on "connecting" trying to go directly to the MSB.com network. Then I need to restart the Boom, connect to squeeze server on a PC and use it to link to the MSB network before going directly to it via the Boom. Very strange. If anyone out there experiences something similar, or if you are in China and all is working just fine, please post word. Thanks.

2009-11-27, 01:53
Quick update - my old SB3 mysteriously started connecting to SqueezeNetwork both directly and via the server software about a week ago. Have no idea why after almost 3 months it came alive, but I'm not questioning it. Also the network seems more stable on my Boom as well. Maybe someone at Squeeze tunneled under the Great Fire Wall here?

2009-11-27, 17:40
Quick question. Are there no services within China that you could connect to for testing purposes?

2009-11-27, 20:25
If by service you mean a Chinese network stream I'm not aware of any - but honestly I've not searched.

2009-11-28, 05:00
From SBS or MySB.com: Internet Radio > World > Find a City > Asia > China

2009-11-28, 17:28
The Chinese streams work[ed] just like all the others - the issue was an inability to get past "connecting" to Squeeze using either SBS or MySB.com. I believe there was/is something Squeeze specific here in China, as I could stream the stations directly from other sources [exp. Radioio.com] just fine. It seems to be part of life here - for the last 5 days Google docs and specifically spreadsheets are nearly impossible to reach.