View Full Version : Possible bug in Alarm

2009-10-13, 06:58
I've had an issue where the volume on set on an alarm does not ever change despite the fact that I modify the global volume. I need to do more testing to confirm that this bug, but I had the alarm set initially too low and have constantly increased the volume on the slider to what should be a noticable 50 with no change in alarm volume. Incidently I used the rooster :p

I am wondering if the alarm volume should be adjustable, because it simply does not appear to change for me

2009-10-13, 09:58
Did you change the alarm settings volume or the main system volume? The alarm settings page for each player in the web interface has the alarm volume that overrides the main system volume for alarms. (From the main web interface click Settings in the bottom right corner, then in the new window click Player tab, select your player from the drop-down if not already selected, select the Alarm Clock from the 2nd drop-down, then scroll to the bottom to Alarm Volume)

2009-10-13, 10:35
I most definitely saved the alarm volume as I did it from the SqueezeCenter web center alarm screen. I did have headphones in, so perhaps the bug as mentioned in a previous thread is poking its head in. I shall experiment tonight somemore

2009-10-13, 10:40
Did you try on mysqueezebox.com? Under player -> alarms. The alarm settings on there override everything. As long as you have your account info in the mysqueezebox.com tab under settings in squeeze server. Try adjusting it on the website and see what happens

2009-10-13, 11:40
Thanks for the information. I didn't realize the alarm was available on mysb although it does make sense. What doesnt make sense is that the alarm volume level goes from 0-100 but on the website it goes 1-11 (Although I like the idea that you can turn it one louder than ten :))

Edit: After some more testing I am pretty sure that I ran into the same bug as : http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=67916