View Full Version : SB3 should start at first song on playlist, not last

2009-10-13, 06:27
Pointless minor annoyance, especially as it's being discontinued, but anyway:

Earlier when I started playing an album with sb3, it would play it through to the end, and then shut up and return to track 1 in the display. Now, after finishing the album, the final track stays in the display, so when I point the remote at the player and press play, it starts playing the final track. I see the point of picking up where you turned it off last time, but why position the player at the beginning of the last track played, when that's not even where you left it, instead of at the beginning of the playlist? Why would anyone in the whole wide world even want this?

Is there any way I can fix this in settings?

If not, I probably won't die.

Thanks for your attention.

2009-10-13, 09:07
Just because a squeezebox is discontinued doesn't mean it won't be supported anymore. Squeezebox Server still supports the original Squeezebox, and Slimp3.

As for your bug, that does sound like a bug. I'll try and reproduce it on my SB3 setup. If it is a bug, you should file a bug report on http://bugs.slimdevices.com.

2009-10-14, 13:35
It's doing that on mine also. It used to go to the first track like the poster wants so you can just hit play and start your playlist over. Now you have to manually advance it.