View Full Version : How do I get the Radio to connect to mysb.com?

2009-10-12, 16:36
I just set up my Radio today and everything went smoothly. After plugging it in and configuring my network settings, the Radio found my local Squeezebox Server and connected to it. I tested it with both local music and with internet based sources such as Rhapsody, and everything worked flawlessly.

Next, I turned off my server to see what would happen. I assumed if no server was found, the Radio would automatically ask me for my mysb.com login information and connect to it. Unfortunately, this was not the case. No matter what I did, it kept trying to connect to my local server. I even tried rebooting the Radio, but I still kept getting the same message, "Can't Connect to Library". The only options it gave me were "Try again" and "Switch Library". Obviously, there is something I'm missing. Anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: I just checked, and it appears that it's not just the Radio that's having this problem. None of my players will connect to mysb.com when the server is off. Since I normally run the server 24/7 on a PC, I had never actually tried this before. My entire network is behind a SmoothWall. Could this possibly be a firewall issue? Do I need to open up certain ports in order for my players to connect directly to mysb.com?

2009-10-13, 04:14
Try these:
- If no local SBS running, go to Internet Radio from the Home Menu screen, connection to MySB.com should be offered.
- If Radio is currently connected to SBS, go to Settings > Advanced > Network > switch to MySB.com

There is no need for Radio to ask for your MySB login info if:
- your SBS has your MySB login info
- your Radio was connected to SBS with above MySB login info within SBS (this automatically registers your Radio on MySB)

2009-10-14, 12:42
Got the radio today and it is fantastic if a little bug ridden. I too am unable to connect to mySB.com. When I connect to my iMac (Squeezebox Server) I am unable to connect back to mySB.com. I have edited the home window so the option is there but when I select it, it just blips at me and does not move. I did a factory reset and it went back to mySB.com but once again I could not get back after accessing music on the iMac.

I have tried the suggestions above as well.

The Mac is not on 24/7 so I rely my mySB.com for the various alarms.

Annoying as the SB3 and 2 Booms have been fantastic.

Any help much appreciated.


2009-10-14, 14:01
I'm not certain, but I think I may have solved the problem. I added an exception to my firewall for outbound traffic on port 3483. I haven't had a chance to check the Radio yet, but my other Squeezeboxes now appear to be connecting to mySB.com just fine.

2009-10-14, 14:04
My Radio was having trouble connecting to MySB as well. But it's fine now, try it again.

2009-10-14, 21:50
YES! Mine is fine now too. Don't know if it was cured by downloading the nightly bug fix but all fine now.


2009-10-15, 00:33
I Have this problem as well, though have got it working. As I had a boom already, I didnt bother downloading the new server software on my pc first, just linked the player to my online account, then linked to my vortexbox software which is the latest version. Everything works like a dream, until I turned my server off, then it wont connect to anything until i turn the server back on.

I have now downloaded the latest software 7.4 to my main pc, connected to that through the radio, connected to my server, switched libs etc. Turned everything off, Turned radio back on doesent automatically find mysqueezebox.com however can now connect to it, by going into settings etc, which i wasnt able to do before.

Though what is strange I now have an extra players listed on my online account squeezebox (which isnt my boom) and squeezebox radio which is now connected, I think it must have got its knickers in a twist.

2009-10-15, 02:08
Though what is strange I now have an extra players listed on my online account squeezebox (which isnt my boom) and squeezebox radio which is now connected, I think it must have got its knickers in a twist.

This seems to be an ongoing issue with the new players (Radio & Touch).
Several in the beta forums, myself included, have seen these "ghost" players on MySB for a while.
But they have no affect on the usage of any/all connected real players.

2009-10-15, 02:17
I have 'Player' listed on mysqueezebox.com. From the MAC address I can see it's my iPod. I assume it's there because of iPeng



2009-10-16, 02:56
I had a connection issue today as well. I temporarily connected to my local SqueezeBox server (to install the custom and daytime clock applets) and then tried to connect back to MySqueezebox.com - which failed no matter what I tried.
In the info screen it even showed the IP of MySqueezebox.com and still I couldn't connect. Switching off/on by pressing the power button shortly didn't work either, I think I even tried to power off completely with no success.
A little later when I deinstalled the day time clock applet and the Radio restarted itself, the connection worked again. I don't think that the problem was caused by the applet, but maybe by the applet installation process.

2009-10-16, 03:13
I had the same troublesome, gues what I did....

I create a external IP-Link;
Settings>Advanced>Networks>Extern Collection
and fill-in the IP-adres of mySB.com and it connect everytime, versus NAS and Network!

It works everday day.....

2009-10-16, 05:15
same problem here. sb radio connects via wlan. in info screen i always can see the connection to mysb.com but there is no music, no rss-feed. this occurs not always after connecting to my homeserver and sometimes in the morning after booting the device.

best success to get the streams back was to restart the router.