View Full Version : [ANNOUNCE] Vortexbox 0.9 with FLAC mirror

2009-10-12, 16:24
I released 0.9 a while ago but I just realized I never posted to this forum.

There are a lot of cool features in this release many requested by the SqueezeBox community. This is a quick summary.

* FLAC to mp3 mirroring through the web GUI.
* Backup to USB drive through the web GUI
* Built in Simplify Media server with web GUI configuration
* Better auto cover art. Using both Amazon and Google images.

The most important feature is FLAC mirror. In older versions of VortexBox we were ripping to both FLAC and mp3 as the CDs were ripped. This made the ripping process slower and was inflexible.

We now have a menu option FLAC mirror. This allows you to start a mirroring job whenever you want. After you rip all you CDs to FLAC you can start a FALC mirror process. This menu allows you to select the bitrate for mp3 encoding. It then checks for any FLACs that do not have corresponding mp3s. If there is no mp3 for your FLAC the process creates it.

FALC mirror also save you time if you want to edit tags. You can edit the tags on your FLACs and run FLAC mirror again. It will go through and update all the tags without having to re-encode the mp3s. FLAC mirror will also mirror cover.jpg and any text files you have in with your FLACs.

We also added another highly requested feature. USB backup. This allows you to backup your music collection on a USB drive from the web GUI. Once you connect a drive you will be prompted to format it. VortexBox will format the drive NTFS so you can mount it on a windows machine later if you want. You can then start a process to backup your data. Once you have backed up all your data the first time only the changed or new data will be backed up on subsequent backups.

Simplify media server is now built in. This allows you to access your music from an iPod touch or a PC anywhere in the world.