View Full Version : Home button on Radio unresponsive

2009-10-12, 15:20
I'm very happy with my new red radio, it's beautiful and the sound is amazing, but i'm having issues with the squeezeplay software.

I'd say the Home button should ALWAYS take you directly to the home screen (excepts maybe when in a context menu), but it seems to respond only when i'm only one level away from the home screen (when hitting back would do the trick also).
What's more, as it didn't respond, i hit the home button a few times more (asking for it, i know) and then it didn't respond to any keypress or scroll action any more, but was still playing music. Then maybe 20 seconds later i get a spontaneous reboot, and to my surprise, when it came back up, a message about recovering from a system error and if it was OK to send diagnostics to Logitech. Well of course!
Automated bug/crash reports, that's a good step forward i think.

2009-10-13, 04:18
It should not be like this. On mine the Home button switches between Home Menu and Now Playing and is quite responsive.
Is it any better after the Radio's reboot? Any other sluggish buttons?

2009-10-13, 06:28
I also found all buttons prety sluggish compared to Boom. It got worse after some time playing around with stuff. Restarting the Radio did help significantly, but the buttons are still not as responsive as on Boom. Display seems to lag more than the sound.

2009-10-13, 06:51
I've noticed the home button on mine often doesn't do anything. I think it's if I'm deep into menus and I have to click the back button before the home button will work again

2009-10-13, 08:28
In order to rule out any hardware issues, you can go to Settings->Advanced->Factory Test->Button Tests.

You need to twiddle all the buttons and spin the knobs to get out of that menu.

2009-10-15, 11:01
Thanks, the hardware test showed no problem, all keys responded as they should. Also couldn't reproduce the home button problem, even when i'm 2 levels deep in a context menu the 'Home' button took me straight back Home.
So it must have been some kind of error condition (which has occurred twice within one week).
If the problem returns, should i file a bug?

2009-10-15, 12:45
I had this problem too, but couldn't find a stable reproduction path yet.


Tom Wadzinski
2009-10-15, 18:34
There is a bug resolved for the upcoming 7.4.1 that fixed the home key not working on a few screen. For instance, it wouldn't work while in Sleep and Alarm menus. This may be the issue that you are seeing.


2009-10-16, 02:57
Yes they are the screens I was having trouble with

2009-10-16, 17:01
Right, i'm using the sleep menu a lot, that must have been it.