View Full Version : Sharing iTunes db from Mac to Windows Home Server?

2009-10-11, 22:57
Hi there gang.

I have a pretty large music collection that is all housed on an EX485 Windows Home Server. For playback of music I often use both my Squeezeboxes as well as my Mac. The Mac has a pretty involved iTunes database, which has a lot of smart playlists that I really enjoy.

I use SqueezeNetwork Add-in on the WHS and it has the ability to specify a playlist folder as well as advanced set up that tells it to use an iTunes library to organize music.

Is there a way to keep the WHS box up to date with my iTunes library that is on my Mac? The Mac is sleeping a lot and I don't want to have to write cron jobs or rsynch jobs to synch the iTunes database up to the WHS on a schedule, although I suppose that is one way to get it done.

Is there a more elegant way to do this?


2009-10-19, 07:56
Any thoughts? I suppose as a last resort I could always install iTunes on the WHS box and leave it running, telling it to synch to the database on the Mac.

Seems like an ugly way of handling it though.

2009-10-19, 14:37
That's the way I would do it (use Itunes on WHS). Hey, the EX485 has an iTunes server built-in!

It's going to be more efficient to run it ALL on the WHS and not worry about machines that are switched off and unavailable databases.