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Phillip Kerman
2004-07-05, 09:08
I think that's it Paul--thanks.


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> I see a similar problem with iTunes running while I'm trying to listen
> to music via my squeezebox.
> Slim.exe will regularly (every 60s) use a large amount of CPU (70-80%)
> and my squeezebox will stop playing for a few seconds. I attributed
> this to slimserver rescaning the iTunes music library. I adjusted the
> miniumum rescan interval for the iTunes library in the server settings
> to something like 20 minutes from the default of 60 seconds and the
> problem was "solved". I expect it will still happen every 20 minutes,
> but that is way less annoying.
> In my case I'm running slimserver on a different machine than the one
> that iTunes is running on. The iTunes folder is located on a share on
> the slimserver machine. At the time I was ripping CDs in iTunes, I'm
> not sure if the same problem would occur if iTunes was quiescent.
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> Subject: [slim] Slim Server saturating CPU
> Hi,
> I am new to the list and don't know if this has been
> discussed already.
> I am using the slim server software on Windows 2000.
> Haven't got any problems in the past, but I am ripping more
> and more of
> my CD's and the slim server process gets larger and larger.
> Since 2 weeks it's nearly impossible to use. Every few (10-20 min) the
> slimp3 player stops, looses the server and the display wents dark.
> This happens because the server process saturates the whole CPU. When
> looking to the task manager the process (which is usually a little bit
> below 500 MB) wents up to around 620 MB. This seems to take
> forever :-).
> After peeking it drops to the former watermark and the CPU utilization
> drops back to normal figures. The server should have enough
> memory (1.5
> GB) , it happens with all versions up to slim server 5.20.
> Any hint anybody?
> thanks Achim