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2009-10-11, 10:12
I use the following setup - XP3 machine hardwired to the wireless router as the server, attached to this computer is a 300GB external hd that contains my lossless music files. A Vista computer hardwired to the router that I use as my main computer, I use dbpoweramp and Itunes on this machine to rip my music files and control my Ipod library. I use a KVM usb switch to toggle back and forth between computers. This system has worked very well. I recently upgraded to 7.4 and also had to change out the HD as the 300GB was full. I hooked up the new 1TB usb harddrive to the XP machine and set it up to share on the network, I could not get the Vista machine to access the 1TB drive. I said ok, I will put the 1TB drive on the Vista machine as a network drive, this worked. I am now having performance issues with the server (rebuffering)the first song of a playlist, and if I try to search my music by album it causes everything to slow down and extreme rebuffering. Is having the music files on a network drive instead of directly attached to the server computer a problem? Should I move dbpoweramp. Itunes and the 1TB drive to the XP computer (2gz P4 w/1gb ram) and make that into my music computer? I also use it for some work related programs I did not want to update to Vista. Or should I move the server software to the Vista machine?