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2004-07-05, 04:02
I've just bought a squeezebox, and I'm trying to set it up so I can listen to BBC internet radio, and select channels (or 'listen again' programs) with the squeezebox remote.

I've read the thread here:
... and followed the advice there, and it *almost* works.

I've made a slimserver plugin that allows me to control what Winamp plays, thus allowing me to select a BBC station (or Listen Again program) from my squeezebox remote.

Can anyone else who's used the instructions in the January thread help me out?

Here's what I can do:

If I start by running Winamp with the Tara & shoutcast plugins (but not the shoutcast server), I can listen to BBC radio through Winamp on my PC, and I can use my plugin running on softsqueeze to select the statio I listen to.

It only seems to work if Tara is set to NOT process audio through Winamp. Otherwise Winamp produces no sound output, although the winamp clock increments. Even then, sound sometimes disappears for no apparent reason.

Since Tara doesn't process sound through winamp, then the Shoutcast plugin has to be set to take input from the soundcard. It now shows its receiving inut.

The only thing I'm missing now is that the radio is playing on my PC speakers, and not through my squeezebox yet.


Now I start the shoutcast server, click 'connect' in the Winamp shoutcast plugin, and the audio is now apparently being sent to the Shoutcast server, which is now waiting for a client to connect, eg a squeezebox.

All still ok so far, and I'm getting quite excited....

Now, in softsqueeze/squeezebox, I select the playlist I've saved that tells it to listen to the shoutcast server.

On my home computer, Slimserver *always* crashes when I try to get this running. I can't even access the task manager, (though my mouse still moves) so I eventually just have to reboot the PC.

I tried it on my work PC and slimserver 5.2 suddenly takes up 99% of CPU time, and sometimes crashes. Softsqueeze hangs, although slimserver still runs and says it's now playing BBC 7.

After a bit, the slimserver CPU usage starts fluctuating - 5-10 seconds at 99%, then dropping down to 5% and then going back again. The sound on my PC stops when it goes up to 99%, and reappears when it drops down again.

Both PCs are Windows XP Pro, Slimserver 5.2.

I'm wondering if I'm setting up some sort of feedback loop by running it all on one PC, but I don't see how.

Any suggestions anyone?

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