View Full Version : How to enable SuperDateTime plugin on Duet Controller

2009-10-10, 12:35
I've installed the SuperDateTime plugin in the SqueezeBox server, and configured it through the server web interface, but can't figure out how get it to appear on my Duet controller.

I expected to find it in the App Gallery, but it's not shown there. What's the process?

I'm running 7.4 software.

2009-10-10, 12:43
I finally discovered in Settings/Home Menu the option to enable the "Extras" menu where SuperDateTime was hiding.

2009-10-10, 16:39
What are the advantages of using SuperDateTime on the Controller, instead of http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=68386

(I don't know this plugin, but are very interested in the features other people use and feel important about)