View Full Version : Volume Sync of Multiple Players?

Mark W
2009-10-10, 10:02
Does anyone know the latest state of the ability to synchronize volume control between multiple players? I'm using 7.4, and have poked around a bit but haven't found anything that looks like volume sync.

It would be great to be able to control the volume of all synced players together at once. Is it a feature or planned future feature?


2009-10-10, 10:23
No problem it have always been there:

In squeezeboxserver 7.4.x (or 7.3.x it has not changed or moved )

Go to settings > player > synchronize

Here you will find settings for volume sync.

It is a per player settings , a very good feature as I for example have one player with fixed volume (I use it's digital out ).

Mark W
2009-10-10, 11:03
Thanks for the quick reply! I'll give it a try...

Mark W
2009-10-11, 07:12
I tried the volume sync feature, and it's OK, but I was expecting something more like what Sonos demonstrates on one of their web site videos. There, you can adjust a master volume control and all of the receiver's volumes are adjusted up and down from where they are originally set.

Instead, the current sync volume feature sets the receiver volumes to the same setting, which is then adjusted up and down. This results in one or the other receiver being too loud or soft (e.g. Boom vs SBR connected to stereo).

Is there any plan to convert the receiver volume sync to something more like what I described above? Or is there a third party plug-in out there somewhere?