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Robert Wallace
2004-07-04, 15:44

Have you tried the "Wipe Cache" on the Server/Performance page?


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I was playing with my settings and wanted to try the 'Multiple Items In
Tags' settings. I set this value to 'feat & +' and my artist list really
seemed to screw up.

I've set this back to 'feat', but my artist list remains screwed up.

If I do a 'Browse Artists' I see:

ABBA Play Add to playlist
acia Play Add to playlist
air Play Add to playlist
Al Play Add to playlist
Alanis Moriss Play Add to playlist
Alanis Morisse Play Add to playlist
Alc Play Add to playlist
Alici Play Add to playlist

This should be Anastacia, McAlistair, Alanis Morissette (three entries),
Alcazar, ...

My settings seem okay:

[root@Kylie init.d]# cat /etc/slimserver.conf | grep split
splitchars = feat

Caching is turned off. I've restarted and stopped the server and rescanned
the library several times.

Any ideas before I go crazy?!