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2009-10-10, 02:41
The BBC have published an overview of their radio streaming strategy:


In some cases it amounts to a late announcement as to where they already are and in other cases where they are going.

It might help those of us who like to listen to their output.

2009-10-11, 01:28
Real and now Flash. Real was a poor decision and choosing Flash at a time when smart phone are about to take off (led by Apples astounding iPhone) seems like a totally bizarre decision.

They must get away from proprietory closed formats and accept that they are not going to stop anyone recording what they want. But I guess it's too late for that now.


2009-10-11, 01:50
Real was a poor decision

I don't think Real was a poor decision at the time - IIRC it was the only commercial offering to provide large server that met with BBC requirement of maintaining copyright through a proprietary codec. I think the BBC persisted with Real for too long.

Although 1 year ago flash was a closed protocol. The underlying RTMP protocol has now been documented and released by Adobe and now 3rd parties can create their own implementation legally such as BBCiPlayer so the decision is not quite as bad as the earlier Real and then later MS ones.