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2009-10-09, 11:22
Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes...
I listen to the radio thru my SB3 (K92FM, KLove) and up until recently it used to display the info of the track being played on the screen in a scrolling motion. Typically it would display the artist and track name. What is happening now is when I 1st turn the radio on it displays the correct information of the tune playing but this doesn't change for the tunes played after, it just displays the info from the track that was playing when I turned the radio on. If I turn the SB3 off then back on again, the track data will change to what is currently playing but then won't change as the music does??
Why doesn't it change the artist/track data with each song played like it used to? Is there a setting to correct this?
I am still on v7.3.3, I am very reluctant to change to v7.4 due to all the problems people are having

2009-10-10, 13:34