View Full Version : Multiple wifi ssid

2009-10-09, 08:05
I use a sb duet controller
I got 2 different wifi SSID in my home (using a CPL wifi extender)

It would be nice if I could declare the two wifi SSID in my SB controller.

The device would connect automatically to the stronger signal (my HTC phone does that)

Are there any development plans do to that?

Is it possible to do so with an applet or does it need a squeezeplay or os modification ?


2009-10-09, 09:14
Why two SSIDs. You can run a multiple access point network with a single SSID. (I don't know about the extender you are using - does it require this?) I run my two access points with the same SSID but on different channels.

Saying that, AFAIK the controller does not "roam", so you need to force it to require the network to switch to a different access point.

roaming has been discussed forever in bugzilla.