View Full Version : FLAC popping?

Brian J. Haag
2004-07-04, 06:24
--- dean blackketter <dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> wrote:
> Brian,
> Which FLAC popping issue? Can you describe the
> issue you are having in
> some more detail?

I described it within a couple days of the release,
and it was reported separately by someone else shortly
thereafter. Someone knowledgeable (I think it was
Sean) said they knew about it, but were unable to
replicate it, and it seemed to only affect some
players. The problem: FLACs pop constantly in the
right channel only, and mp3s "chirp" a lot (the same
way a stream will occasionally in any context), and
sometimes just don't play correctly, with lots of
skips, etc.

WinXP Pro, plenty of cpu and ram, linksys .11b, plenty
of signal strength.


Brian J. Haag
brian_haag (AT) yahoo (DOT) com