View Full Version : Regularly Losing Music Library

2009-10-08, 13:48
Hi there

I have a SB Boom and an SB3 set up at home running wirelessly from a Netgear ReadyNas Duo which powers down at night, and back on again each morning.

I have recently updated my NAS software to the Squeezebox Server 7.4.0 but it seems the music library keeps going AWOL, with the inofrmation tab in SB Server saying "no music library configured".

This has been especially frustrating as previously a full library scan would take 2-3 hrs, since upgrade it now takes over 15!!

This has not been the end of the world, but I now cannot even scan the library anymore. When the library disappears and I select any of the rescan options (either via remote or on SB Server directly) *nothing* happens. The SB Server page reloads, or the SB3 goes back to its previous screen and the server does not rescan...

I have ensured the scan is looking in the correct folders on my NAS, but it does not make a difference...

So I am stuck without any music and cant think of anything else to try - so please, if you have any thoughts I would love to hear from you!


2009-10-08, 15:45
if you have any thoughts I would love to hear from you!

Reload 7.3, and wait for the bugs with 7.4 to be worked out?