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Clive Chater
2004-07-03, 10:30
Thanks very much for the comprehensive answer. When I get a moment I will
try some of this out.



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Clive Chater:

I've just had another look at the code after James Dunn's comment about
not running the cache and the timer is set to an hour between cache
saves, not 30 mins. It therefore follows that it probably isn't the
cache saving that is the issue but something else. My apologies on that
as I could have sworn the cache was saved every 30 mins!

I've replied to your questions in case you do want to rule it out for

> OK, that would figure. What other issues would there be if the cache
> writing was disabled completely.

Cache writing would still happen after a rescan which is when it is most
needed. It just means the copy of the data on the disk may be out of
date and any restart time may be longer. It depends what changes you
make to the library in the meantime really.

> Or what if the cache writing was
> configured to do it write once every 24hours at 3am.

That would be another option.

> I assume if I
> restarted the server at 3am cache writing would start at that point.


> Is this file I am supposed to edit in plain text? How do I comment
out the
> lines. I am used to VB where I would just use a '. Is it the same?

The files are plain text and you'd place a '#' at the start of the line
to comment them out.