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James Dunn
2004-07-03, 06:30

I'm afraid I don't have caching enabled on my machine; I have been using
iTunes so I didn't think that there was much value in using it.

My system was reporting approximately 9,500 tracks (Whereas iTunes tells me
5,357 and a rescan without iTunes enabled shows 5397).

I'm not browsing the server or doing anything else interactive with the
server at the time.



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Clive Chater:
> I would really appreciate it if the SlimDevices team would fix this.
> other glitch and problem in the past has been eradicated by their hard
> I am generally very happy with the setup. It's just a little annoying
> these dropouts occur. Also when I have people around for meals etc I
> to keep making excuses for it.
> If I can be of any help with logs or debugging please let me know.

I strongly suspect this stutter is being caused when the server saves
it's cache (which happens every 30 mins). In the long run this problem
goes away if/when Slim Server switches to a proper database for storing
the cache data. That isn't going to happen overnight however.

Short term solutions include:

Altering the frequency the server saves the cache. This is controlled by
the line "my $dbSaveInterval = 3600" in Slim/Info.pm.
Disable the this saving of the cache completely by commenting out the
two lines in sub saveDBCacheTimer in the same file.
Increasing the processing power of the machine running the Slim Server
Reducing the size of the music library.

Obviously some of these are better than others and none are ideal. Given
people with large libraries are seeing this as a problem, the above bits
of code should probably become preferences for now. Dean/Vidur?